Sadras Dutch Fort – Kanchipuram – India

A Historical place poorly maintained by Archaeological survey of India. Sathurangapattinam is a little town on ECR road some 70 CM from Chennai .Not an active tourist spot now as it is not maintained properly, however the same is having historical background. An inscription found in Sadras dated to 1359 mention this place as RajanarayananContinue reading “Sadras Dutch Fort – Kanchipuram – India”

Mental Health in India

I think there is already a mental health crisis in India. According to NCRB, among the age of 0-18, the second biggest driver for suicide is Failure in Examination. To arrest this problem the country has hardly any functional mental healthcare infrastructure in place. India Today reported that “there is a massive scarcity of mentalContinue reading “Mental Health in India”

Alamparai Fort – ECR

Alamparai(Alampara) fort is a war ruin fort on the East coast road. It is 100 KM from Chennai. Not much is known about the place historically even after my attempt to gather information locally and on net.   History : Alampara fort was built by Mugal(Nawab of Arcot) as docking station for smaller ships inContinue reading “Alamparai Fort – ECR”

Bike Ride to Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is about  100 KM from Chennai. The first half of bike ride is not very graceful on AH 45 with heavy  traffic of trucks toward Andhra Pradesh. Travel : If you are starting from Chennai, take the outer ring road from Tamabaram crossing Ambattur and connect to AH 45 which is also knownContinue reading “Bike Ride to Pulicat Lake”

Motorbike trip to Pondicherry

Distance : 160 KM The number one and the most striking thing about visiting Pondicherry is the journey along ECR road. The 2 lane roads covered with tress passing through backwaters, lakes, villages with the coast on one side and backwaters on the other.  A lot of local vendors selling local delicacy on the road.Continue reading “Motorbike trip to Pondicherry”

Questioning Education

Meet Raja, Met him at KRP Park on his school uniform bunking class and roaming around the park. My first question was “What are you doing here without going to school”. He Smiled back. I asked him to help me with my camera in return for 10 bucks. He smiled back again and replied ‘NoContinue reading “Questioning Education”

Chennai to New Delhi by Indian Railway.

Yes, I have stopped writing. There is no excuse, just that I vent out everything in Facebook nowadays and was happy with the blog I maintained in the organisation I used to work for. I get plenty of time and a brand new laptop and no excuse whatsoever. So let me start writing again afterContinue reading “Chennai to New Delhi by Indian Railway.”