Sadras Dutch Fort – Kanchipuram – India

Meena infront of the main Sadras Entrance.

A Historical place poorly maintained by Archaeological survey of India. Sathurangapattinam is a little town on ECR road some 70 CM from Chennai .Not an active tourist spot now as it is not maintained properly, however the same is having historical background. An inscription found in Sadras dated to 1359 mention this place as Rajanarayanan Pattinam .

A cannon on display at the entrance.

Modern Sadras was established as part of Dutch Coromandel in the seventeenth century, which was even before center for weaving superfine muslin cloth for export besides Pearl and edible oil. The magnificent Sadras Fort, built for commercial purposes by the Dutch, is a vast compound enclosing a huge granary, stable and structures used to mount elephants; unfortunately only one of these structures survives.

Entry is free. Do not miss the tea from the upside opposite shop. The songs played from old black & white movies in the tea shop kicks in nostalgia. What better that sip tea while watching this beautiful fort!.

The dutch grave sight here is particularly unique! Alot of ornate carving and the double grave is well worth a look.

The dutch cemetery

How to Reach :

While travelling from chennai towards pondichery via mamallapuram take left turn from Vengambakkam junction on ECR to reach Sadras fort ( about 4.5 km) .

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This place is worth a visit. Back of the fort you have a small beach protected by the police at all time. Do not forget to meet the watchman, he will tell you a lot about this place.

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