5 Tyre options for KTM Duke 390 – 2019.

The KTM duke 390 comes with Metzler as stock tyre, which cost around 10% of the total bike price. This shows how important the choice of your tyre is when it comes to KTM duke 390. Below are all few tyre options, their price, how long they last and the best tyre for different riding condition. I am going to talk about the 5 brands of tyre that I have used and list other brand tyres in case you want to research more.

MRF revz c1

If you are a person who mostly cruise at 100-120 KM/h, this tyre is perfect for you. Any speed higher than 120, I would not advise you to use this tyre. Again an all-weather tyre and supports any condition. I uses this tyre on my trip to Rameswaram and rode for 4 hours on wet muddy road without any issues.

Note : I would recommend that you keep your front tyre to Michelin or Metzeler and only the rear as MRF Rev. This tyre will last twice as much of Metzeler. It is good at cohering on wet road with confidence.


Cheap and last longer.

Lean decently when rains were pouring and this tyre always inspired confidence. Very good performance on dry roads.

Perfect if you use your Bike daily for work and fun.

Comes with the same H rating as Michelin.

Cons :

After using Metzeler, you will find this tyre disappointing.

Price : 6000 for pair

Kilometer range : 25000 KM and more

Verdict : Get this tyre for commute, highway riding or cruising.


Metzeler M5 Sport-tech

The bike by default comes as Metzeler M5. This is the best your bike can have, especially when you are on highway and on wet road. You can literally connect yourself with the tyre on the road . The current model of KTM bikes comes with H rated Metzelers which provides 30% more grip than the earlier W rated Metzelers.

Pro :

Grip and safety. Good at cornering with confidence.

Good for highways, ghat road and track.

Cons :

Does not last longer (11000 KM to 15000 KM)

Expensive (14 K for a pair)

Original tyre are not easily available.

Not suitable for off-Road.

Price : ₹14000

Kilometers range: 11000 KM to 15000 KM

Verdict : This is expensive but after having used this tyre if you go to any other brand you will not like them. My first tyre change was and after 2000 KM, changed back to Metzeler. Having used KTM 390 for 3 years, I would strongly recommend to get Metzeler.

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