Bike Ride to Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is about  100 KM from Chennai. The first half of bike ride is not very graceful on AH 45 with heavy  traffic of trucks toward Andhra Pradesh.

Travel : If you are starting from Chennai, take the outer ring road from Tamabaram crossing Ambattur and connect to AH 45 which is also known as the grand truck road. Till city traffic the roads are usually busy. Start as early as possible.


Best time to visit : October to March is consider the best time to visit Pulicat if you want to see migrant birds. Always start early in the morning, it gets very hot by 10-11 AM.


What to see :

  • Boating – There are few island and you can hire a board for 1000-1500 for 3 hours. If you have the safety gear to get into the water it adds to the activity. Don’t come to Pulicat without the plan of boating, this is the only decent thing to do here.
  • Church – There is an old church on the beach, visit this at last.


  • Light House : The light house closes by 10 AM and opens only by 3 PM in the evening. The lighthouse is next to the Pulicat government school. The place is scenic with a long bridge separating the school with the rest of the city.
  • Dutch Cemetery – Few graves of Dutch when they ruled Chennai. Nothing interesting here.
  • Birds Sanctuary : Lot of birds comes to pulicat from different parts of world, you can see many just strolling on the road.


Food : There are plenty of place to eat. Mostly home cooked food. There is a small hotel near to the old dutch cemetery where you get decent breakfast and Fish curry with white rice in the afternoon. Cheap and spicy.


The place is very scenic, Photographer’s paradise.

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I have made a video of my last travel to Pulicat, Do check that out an let me know what places you have been to in Tamil Nadu that you would recommend me to travel in the comment section below.


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