Motorbike trip to Pondicherry


Distance : 160 KM
The number one and the most striking thing about visiting Pondicherry is the journey along ECR road. The 2 lane roads covered with tress passing through backwaters, lakes, villages with the coast on one side and backwaters on the other.  A lot of local vendors selling local delicacy on the road. Jack-fruit, coconut water, fresh fish, watermelon and different fruits at its own season.

Stop by in as many place as you can, it’s a short ride, what is the point to hurry. You miss out so many things when you go fast. Relax, slow down, enjoy the scenic beauty, the water, the smell.


Food :
A lot of French hotel. Pondicherry used to be French colony and still the city retain some taste of it. Great place to try out food. A lot of place near Auroville and when in the city try “Boston café”, This place was good, I had all my meals here. Yes, alcohol is cheap, Not sure how much though.


Places to see:
On ECR towards Pondicherry, you have Alampari fort. Go there , you could see broken fort, light house and a beautiful beach.

Auroville is another place to see, quit disappointing if you have not made advance booking for meditation at Matrimandir. Rent a cycle and roam around the Auroville.


Beach : There are plenty of beach in Pondicherry, two of the my favorite beach were the one back of our hotel named Veerampattinam Beach and the rock beach which is inside the city surrounded by eateries, craft shops, desi clothes and plenty to shop from.

Bike Rent : Get a bike on rental, your hotel will arrange that. I had my own bike.

Check out My YouTube video on Pondicherry trip below. Do subscribe to my channel for more travel videos.


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