Laloo, our fallen hero.

Sushil Modi(BJP-Bihar) son got married last week and Tejaswi Yadav(Laloo’s son) had threaten to disrupt the wedding.
Year 1994 –
Congress has been decimated after Narasimha Rao rule and so was BJP post 1992 riot. A huge opportunity for other parties to make a mark on national level. In competition was Janta Dal and so was Laloo Yadav in the race to become the PM. Before the election Laloo has been convicted of the fodder case.
Bhabua –
Murali Manohar Joshi(BJP) and Laloo Yadav(JD) were schedule to come to Bhabua, my hometown in Bihar on the same day for election campaign. The whole town was cover by banners and poster of Murali ji, the only senior BJP leader to come and campaign in my town. Newspaper Ads, flags, microphones and everything else done to bring people for Murali ji’s meeting to be held at the Jagjivan stadium. 5000 people gathered around 11 am and the meeting was over.
Loved Politician.
In comes Laloo Yadav on his trademark yellow helicopter, flew over the town for 10 min and landed in the aerodrum. Our aerodrum was used as helipad only during election, all the other time we played cricket on it. 10,000 people even before the man have taken the stage. The crowd kept increasing. We Biharis loved this man. No campaigning was needed nor someone had to shut down electricity so the crowd move to the meeting. Laloo was loved and no matter what people flung to see him with no advertisement or prachar for his arrival.
Laloo and Mr Vajpayee often attacked at each other. Vajpayee was the one to put Laloo back to his place from national level. But when Vajpayee visited Bihar during rule as Prime Minister, Laloo personally made sure that his food and stay was well taken care of. They had lunch together on the second day of his visit and Laloo knowing Vajpayee fond for curd had homemade curd ready for Mr Vajpayee(It came in Newspaper).

Advani Episode :

Even before 1996, Laloo had ordered a must needed arrest of Advani in 1990 while on his Rath Yatra spewing hatred all around the country. Post his arrest, Laloo met him at prison and made sure he was comfortable and apart of his movement he was free to do anything. Laloo knew the arrest would cost him the government and it did.

Laloo in Delhi to convince Advani to stop his Rath yatra.

Initial Days

Sankarshan Thakur’s book on Laloo describe him as a man who genuinely care about his people during his early days. Late nights he would come out to distribute blanket and food to the people left unaided on MG setu. Laloo was known a messiah for a reason.
Laloo made another arrest of a guy during a protest in Patna, I don’t remember his name(recroded in the book by Sankarshan Thakur). Post arrest, Laloo made a visit to prison with homemade food and advise him on why he got his arrested. Laloo said ‘no one knew till last evening, today Bihar knows you. This is good for you. Now eat and take rest.’
What point are you trying to make?
The point I am trying to make here is Laloo always kept his personal and political life separately. He never mixed his political anger with his personal affairs.
Coming back to Tejaswi Yadav threat to Sushil Modi, Laloo rebukes his son and he himself attended the wedding.

I have different political principles and different religious belief and still after argument I can sit with my friends and drink or ask for help without any hitches. You know why? Because we are grown up, because we are matured. Laloo is matured to keep his personal and political alignment in different tracks. Be like Laloo.Be Matured.
Laloo, our fallen hero.

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2 thoughts on “Laloo, our fallen hero.

  1. He does not want to be prime minister ,he want to be paraya minister. Mr. Vajpayee is a good man ,he is not like your filthy congresssi and fake gandhis who only trying to rule india by gunpoint


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